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Monday, November 15, 2010 Y 8:06 AM

I've just finished watching The Social Network, about facebook. It got me thinking about my blog somehow. It's been 2 years since I last blogged, what a shame. But I wonder, would people read this anyway? haha.

Well, i'm almost finished with my A'level exam. Last paper would be on the 19th, which is on this thurs, Economics (not a fan of the subject). Last time I blogged was about my O'levels, which I ended up getting 6'Os. Enough of that now. Haha.

Why did I decided to blog tonight? I guess, i'm just bored. Watching the Social Network had somehow led me to here. I felt like I needed to write just about anything, so here I am typing another crap. The last time I blogged, was a total mess. By mess, I meant, my blog wasn't well organised, wasn't well updated.. So i'll try not to do the same mess again. I'll try to be more organise and update this blog more often than before.

Nothing really comes in my mind tonight, I mean, i've got nothing interesting to update. I just wanted to see how my blog is going, though I thought this blog doesn't exist anymore and apparently, it does! :D as of tonight, i'll try to blog more.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008 Y 6:58 AM

Oh! I am struggling with accounts! I have my poa paper two tomorrow and I am so not prepared, therefore, NOT ready. What happened to me?! I used to be good at POA but now I am clueless! I am in my room, alone studying and revising accounts. I caught a headache and it's making me sleepy but I can't go to sleep just yet cause there are more revisions to be done as I have only gone three quarter of it. Been here since 4pm, now it is 1050pm. Having a break, drinking some bud.. waasaaaaaap? minum budi.. apaaaadaaa? hahah. funny!

*will continue

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Y 8:58 AM

I was cleaning and clearing my room today evening, I found some things about my past that made me had a good laugh yet embarassed at the same moment, yes! To myself! hahah. I found this little blue book of mine, I had it when I was 10 or 12? I wrote lots of things in that book. hehe. cali eh *grins. But at times I felt happy reading it. Cause you know, it reminds you of what you used to do and how you used to be. :)

I am happy that Britney Spears is back to the music business. Like, really back. I have always been a fan of Britney J. Spears. ;D yes. She has won several awards this year. Hoping there's more, so that it will keep her going and going and no shaving head lagi. hahah. okay, that's not funny. but yeah, I do love her. hehe. Go Britney!

I'm figuring out whether I should work or not after exam. What do you think? I don't know :S

I have geography paper one later, i'm going to head off. Take care! *as if anybody is reading this crap. Oh, pitty yiena!

Monday, November 10, 2008 Y 8:34 AM

Firstly, I would like to say a million thanks to Amal Munirah for customizing the wonderful layout for this almost dead blog of mine. hehe. Thank you so much babe! and yes, it's just how I like it. whee.

So hello! yes, yiena is here. Been a while, huh? well, its not like there's something interesting anyway. I do not know why now I have decided to update blog. Maybe I do. Doesn't matter. I've been fine, good. Physically and mentally healthy. hahah. There is a time when I felt like I want to stab myself (not that I am being emotionally unstable) but I got through it, finely. So yeah, everything is good. *not everything!

Exam has been pain in the ass! Oh.. all I can do now is pray, hoping that what I did was good enough to atleast score a C grade. But to think deeply to it, I am not sure that I pulled it off. I might not get through or survive. Okay, I might be exagarating it a bit. But really, I did bad on the papers, way bad. Especially, Malay! Oh, it was di-ee-fee-cult! :( ungraded ni karang. ahaha. Other papers was rather the same. Not one paper I find it easy or okay. Well maybe one and that is Ugama. heh. I have three more papers to sit. Then I have nothing to be stressed about. weehee. But do wish me goodluck, yea? thank you.

Mum is flying off to Mecca to perform Haj this saturday. This house will be left with me, Kelyn and Es. Only the three of us. Sigh.

I miss dancing with the crew, Eyeteaserz! :( we should gather soon. I have missed a lot! :( love eyeteaserz. hee.

I miss my cousins and my friends too. Batah sudah inda jumpa them. I'll see you angels soon.

I think that is it for this post. I hope that I have the effort to keep posting and posting, just to keep this blog alive, yea? hehe. alrightay, goodynight!

Thursday, August 28, 2008 Y 9:59 AM

I want to make a new lay out for my blog, but unfortunately I don't know how. hahah. Yes, i'm not really good with customizing thing, i'm a sucker to be exact. ahah.
I'm excited for later! There will be a netball tournament, and i'm participating :D joined the Ranoadidas netball team. It was a last minute thing on my behalf actually. Before that, I haven't been playing with them cause of some reason. sigh. But sadly.. my cousin Didi injured her self, she broke her ankle sampai be-cement, kesian her. Kali, Didi asked me to play with them, cause they want to see me play. If they like my game, they'll put me in and if they don 't.. then, I won't be joining. Then, I played with them on last wednesday at JKR and... they like my game! :D whee. and that was the only day I got to really train for the tourny. heh. I'm happy, cause I get to be in the team with some great players and that made me feel small. ahah. but with luck, I get to learn much further. I'm sad, cause Didi can't play, she's a good player, sayang her can't play but she is part of the team and she made me in, for that I thank you, ka! I'm nervous as hell, cause of tomorrow's game. Do wish me luck! hee.
I guess, i'm the youngest of all the players in the team, not I guess, it's the fact! hah. Most of them are working already, and at first they thought saya pun sudah kerja then I told them i'm only seventeen. :) hahaha. I take that as a compliment which I get alot, I no surprised if people ever say those kind of thing to me. hahah. But what if I get old, wouldn't I look like very old? hahah. apa kata orang? "lakas tua" hahahah. But that wouldn't be the worst thing.. kan? hahahah!
So the tournament will be on Friday which is later, starts from 8am to night, I don't really know sampai what time, tapi sampai malam. At MPH (multi-purpose hall) berakas. hee.
Oh oh! I didn't attend school tadi, cause kata kelyn "jangantah sekolah". So ofcourse, i'm up with that. hehe. Then around 10am, I was sleeping kali my mom said "bangun! Bangun! Cuba kamu liat ni! Ada ular di rumah!" then I heard my mom shouting lagi, so bangun selajur. Kali the snake arah hall way, next to the toilet, belakang almari. My brother pulled almari tu kan, there it was the snake. It was an arm long, the thickness was the size of my finger, black coloured. Well, it wasn't the first time a snake entered the house but it was for a big black large scorpion! since i've lived here. It's not the scorpion that you see at the beach, it was something macam you see in movies, yang the poisonous one? It was really scary lah.
The weird thing was that, the snake and the scorpion was at the same place of hiding. So I guess, durang tu either bekawan (that would be funny! hahah) or berkelahi (which could be possible). The snake was like the poisonous one jua. It made sound lagi tu! Like, the awful scary sound. Berijap eh. Kali, datang tia lagi a cat! Not the cat that i'm scared of, but the fact that a snake might bite the cat. hahh. My mom asked my aunty to baca-baca, but then my aunty ni sakit kaki tia jua.. so if she reads then the snake moved it would be hard for her to escape. hahaha.
Then the maid next door burnt the scorpion with burning stick and the indon yang bekerja arah sewage killed the snake by smashing it's head with a stick. Berigali tia jua. heeh. So people selamat, alhamdulillah. Though mom didn't want it to be killed, ia suruh keluar kan saja but they killed jua, so me and my mom baca ayat Qursi, and my mom add doa Tolak Bala. Cause who knows, it might be something. Pasal, lain bah.. an unsual scorpion with a snake, inside the house? Subhanallah. So, alhamdulillah no one was hurt.
I'm sleeping next to Weeza, my niece, in Kelyn's room. Besar snore si Weeza. ahah.
Okay, that's all for thursday. hee. I gotta go to sleep, I need my sleep for later's game and I need to wake up as early as 6. So bye.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008 Y 10:20 PM

This isn't what I want. I know, you don't always have what you want in life. But, this is so not right. After Dad left, everything changed, EVERYTHING. He was always the one I turned to, and he was always the one who treated me well! I miss my Dad! :'( :'(
My life changed from was good enough to worst! I don't really wish to write this, but it hurt so bad.. I don't know what to do. I have no one to turn to!
A simple, honest mistake.. my moment has gone bad! I can't stop crying. ya Allah. How it was different back then, my Dad treated me good enough.. even I got him mad, he wouldn't hurt me this much. That's why I want him around.. he took care of me. I felt safe! and when I cried, he would ask me to stop the politeness way.
Non of that has ever happen to me since. Oh Dad, at this moment.. I just want to be with you! Staying out of this misery. At this moment too, I want to breathe my last breath! It hurts being this way, Pa. I hope, I really hope you know how I feel.
I'm so weak! Ramadhan is soon and it's puasa. They say that, during puasa.. all of the souls are out to their living family. I know Dad will soon be around here. I can't wait for Ramadhan to come. I don't know what good will help. I don't know how things will get better.
I am a good girl, I don't deserve this. What did I do to deserve this?! urgggggggghh!

Sunday, August 17, 2008 Y 10:32 AM

Hiii. I thought my sunday would've been relaxing but no, it didn't happened the way I want my sunday to be, which is SLEEPING! Though I haven't been to school for two even days due to my sickness, terrible headache and my throat that was killing me! But na-uh. I was enjoying my sleep until I heard the mother of mine said.. "Na, ikut panggilan? Ikut tah, bangun!" I didn't want to argue with her, so I forced myself to get my ass off from bed and got ready for the wedding. I was really tired. Because, on saturday night we had Malam beTahlil for our relatives that has kembali ke rahmatullah.
As I were saying, me, Kelyn and mother went to the wedding. The day was burning! and I meant, panas! after that we had to send mother to another wedding which me and Kelyn didn't went to pasal inda lagi mau bepanas. hahah. We went to JPMC gymnasium instead, for a swim, sauna and jaccuzzi (sp?) it went great.
Went home around 5pm. Spent my time on dvds until I received a text from ka Didi inviting me to play netball, so I went to padang kebajikan with her, played for two hours from eight to ten. My badan sakit right now, since batah sudah inda main. But it was fun. hee.
Went home, took a shower and now posting this crap. hahah.
Oh! My Qualifying Exam sudah habis. Results' not "resulted" yet. I don't want to talk about this much, lets just say, I have improved a bit, well atleast.
F.R.I.E.N.D.S is on my dvd now, it's 01 30. I know this post is deadly boring, it's crap and a post of a total messyness and I don't know what to do. Oh sleep! Bah, I go now. Night! dawn? morning? blaaaargh. Bye! hee.